RubyKaigi 2018 Day#1


My RubyKaigi 2018 started at 09:30 at DATE-No-Gyu-Tan-Honpo.

RubyKaigi2018 きーのーと

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The speech by Matz was interested. Many people will write good essay. So, I write nothing about that. ;)


This session was also gooood. I can’t speak English (I’m Japanese) but he can speak Japenese (He is not Japanese). But, I guess the people who are not Japanese wanted him to speak in English… ;)

I’m interested in reduce memory usage of Ruby’s code (not C).

Lunch Session

I didn’t get a lunch box. Because RubyKaigi’s lunch time was so early for me. I didn’t know why.

Then, I take a Ramen.

RubyKaigi2018 らんちせっしょん

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Tea Time


RubyKaigi2018 おやつ

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Night Session


RubyKaigi2018 ないとせっしょん1

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RubyKaigi2018 ないとせっしょん2

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I got some novelty goods.

RubyKaigi2018 ノベルティ

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